What is Menora

World Jewish Organization for the Youth 5782


Menora is a non-profit organization which bases itself on Judaism’s ethical values. It’s aim is to train young people committed to building a more just and noble world.

Chief Rabbi Isaac Sacca founded the organization in 2000.


Each year, about 3,000 young people play an active role in one or more of the activities Menora has to offer.


Since its inception, more than 45,000 young people have participated in the organization’s various programs.



Rabino Isaac Sacca – Founder and president


Menora Chella & Moise Safra Center – Mapa de Google

Menora headquarters is located in the Chella & Moise Safra Center, in Buenos Aires. Menora has four other offices in Argentina, as well as sub-offices and representatives in Jerusalem, London, New York, Rome, Madrid, Uruguay, Miami and several other cities in the world.




Chella & Moise Safra Center

Chella & Moise Safra have always supported Menora’s programs from its inception. As pioneers in innovation, Chella and Moise Safra embarked together with Menora on the construction of a luxury center for young people.


The Chella & Moise Safra Center is located in Buenos Aires’ Palermo neighborhood. The center has 3,400 m2 distributed over five floors, designed so that young people have a home away from home.




Menora Villa Crespo

The Menora Olami Villa Crespo Center is located in the neighborhood with the largest Jewish population in Latin America.


Menora House Almagro

An exclusive center for adolescents between 12 and 17 years old, located in the neighborhood of Almagro.


Menora Summer Point

During the holidays, Menora organizes activities in cities where large numbers of young Jews vacation.


Mission - Vision - Values


To assume the universal responsibility as Jews to preserve and pass on our own tradition.

To focus on inspiring young people, through education and training, to provide ethical, humane, cultural and moral contributions of the Torah’s heritage for the well-being of society.



To innovatively provide young people with training that:

  • Helps them assume responsibility for the world to then seek to improve it.
  • Gives them the courage and bravery to be entrepreneurs.
  • Provides them with the tools that facilitate the realization of their ventures.
  • Simultaneously nurtures them with ethical values and fills them with purpose so that they achieve their goals, resulting in people who accomplish goals that are a contribution to society and the common good.



  • Morality, ethics and love as the fundamental basis.
  • The Torah as source of divine revelation.
  • Youth as the hope of humanity.
  • Respect for God and all human beings.
  • Quality and excellence as work conditions.
  • Serious and thorough study and understanding of tradition without reform or extremism.



Prestigious and committed foundations support and sponsor this organization, including:



Menora is an organization run by rabbis prepared to serve and spiritually assist the participants through all the programs and services offered by the organization.


Its general director, Rabbi Gabriel Sacca, heads the Menora Staff. He is accompanied by a distinguished team of professionals, including rabbis, teachers, psychologists, educators, scientists, technicians and operators, amongst others.


Chief Rabbi Isaac Sacca, who sets the organization’s policies and directives, serves as President of Menora.



1455 East 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11230, USA